How to create a mailing list in thunderbird and send email to the list of email addresses

Updated on September 1, 2017

I recently wanted to create a mailing list in Thunderbird and send out a confirmation email for 40 odd participants registered for an event. I know it’s not going to be easy to add all email addresses in the To: field, so I found out a better way of doing it and here it’s.

Thunderbird email client supports ‘Mailing List’ feature by default and all you need to do is, just follow the below steps.

Step 1: Launch Thunderbird

Step 2: Click on Tools > Address Book or open it with a shortcut Ctrl+Shift+B.

How to access Address Book in thunderbird

Step 3: From the address book, either click the button New List or File -> New -> Mailing List as shown in the below image.

Creating mailing list in Thunderbird

Step 4: In the Mailing List dialog box, enter the List Name and the email addresses in the list.

Testing Mailing List in Thunderbird

Step 5: Now compose a mail with the To: field as the mailing list address which was created in the above step. Refer below image for composing the mail to mailing list.

Compose mail to mailing list in thunderbird

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  1. Thanks for those explanations! Question: is it possible to use a list of email addresses copied from an existing message (To: field) to create a new list?

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