How to create a Stylus for your mobile or tablet in just 2 minutes? : Video

Updated on September 1, 2017

Want to buy a stylus for your mobile or tablet? It costs around $10 to $30, but do you know that you can create your own stylus in just 2 minutes at zero cost.  I recently happened to see a video on  about “Creating Stylus in 2 minutes” by Sharon Vaknin,  Associate editor @ This tutorial is based on it,  here we go,

Get ready with the below  items,

  • A cotton swab (aka “Q-tip”)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A pen
create stylus for tablets
create stylus for tablets (Credits:

1. Take your pen and remove the refill.

2. Cut the cotton swab at a sharp angle and insert it into the opening of the pen. You may use the tape to secure  it.

3. Wrap the aluminium foil around the neck of the pen, a couple of centimeters above the tip of the cotton swab. Wrap tightly, and secure with tape at the top.

4. Moisten the cotton swab with a drop of water. As said by Sharon Vaknin, this will not harm your mobile or tablet.

You’are done! Remember to keep touching the aluminium foil at all times. You may need to re-moisten the cotton swab, if your stylus is not functioning.

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