How to Prevent Low battery alert while playing Flappy Bird?

Updated on September 1, 2017

Tap..Tap..Tap…and your Flappy Bird successfully jumps through the pipes. Oops, the low battery alert interrupted the game? I know you are annoyed! Flappy Bird doesn’t have a pause button, and when the low battery alert interrupts, the bird crashes down to the earth. Still love playing the game and wish to prevent low battery alert interruptions? Here’s a way!

PowerBanners, a new jailbreak app that brings non-intrusive alert. The app is available for free in BigBoss repo on Cydia. Once the tweak is installed and when your device’s battery dips below 21%, you will see a non-intrusive banner notification alert. Yes, it’s a notification banner and not an alert, so you can continue watching your favorite movie or play a game.

iPhone low battery alerts

The app comes with a preference panel under Stock Settings app – where you can enable or disable the tweak, enable vibration during notification alert and a switch to provide a low battery notification after respring.

Did I tell you that the tweak supports iOS 7? It does!

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