Firefox 18 Beta to be more faster and to support Retina display for Macs

Updated on September 1, 2017

The Latest Firefox 18  Beta web browser expected to be more faster, more secured and to support retina display for Macs. The new version is available for Mac, Windows and Linux machines – for both the desktops and mobile devices. The new version has made a major change in the W3C touch events and added MozTouch events, to allow the users to make use of screen touch and glide on websites, web games and web applications.

Download Firefox 18

Firefox browser has always been criticized for its speed, but the new version’s release notes states about the major improvement in the speed. It will also feature a new Javascript JIT compiler called IonMonkey – with revamped Javascript processing, the web applications and pages are expected to perform faster.

Download the latest firefox version and let us know your feedback.

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