Quickly Delete WhatsApp Data With WCleaner [Android]

WhatsApp has really gained a number of users from around the world. This is not surprising as my friend recently called me up and asked me to check her profile picture on Whatsapp! Should I say it has become ubiquitous? Well, we are not here for this topic now.

We know that WhatsApp service enables you to send and receive text messages, images, audio and video clips. But where all these are stored?!

Yes, all these messages are stored on your SD card in an encrypted format under ‘Messages Backup’, which means it isn’t directly readable. Over time, as you keep using the app, the content keeps accumulating and obviously it starts consuming a significant amount of space. But for what purpose? Who wants all their old conversations? So shall we delete it?! Yes!!



WCleaner Beta is a free application that lets you quicly delete all of this content. With WCleaner you can view all the content sent and received categorically, and delete them.

Once installed you can find the total size of all files, number of files of each type. Say, you want to delete only Images, you could do that too, even after preview. One instance, if you wish to save a file after preview, you could just do that also – to your desired location!

This thing is nice right?! Come on, its free, why not try?!

Download WCleaner For Android

Updated on September 1, 2017

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