Best Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 6 from Cydia

Updated on September 3, 2019

Well, we know you might already have jail-broken your ios6 device with evasiOn! And now we give you a bunch of best jailbreak tweaks you need to take a look for iOS 6.

Although there are many many tweaks on Cydia to try out and get inspired with, we really need to explore to find out if the app is really working as our desire. This becomes more needed as it comes to the case of paid apps as there are as many fake apps out there just to cheat on us.


Want to have a whole new notification experience? Emblem brings OS X-inspired notifications to the iPad. With gorgeous smooth animations and native design. Emblem allows you to scroll horizontally on the notification to read each incoming message. Even with a grouped set of notifications, you can swipe to dismiss and tap to launch the app corresponding to the notification.


The jailbreak tweak for iOS 6 devices costs $1.99 and is available in Cydia.


Auxo is the reinvented app switcher that was originally just a concept and a thought! But it came out to be real and available in the Cydia store. The jailbreak tweak for iOS 6 devices costs $1.99.Unlike Apple’s stock app switcher, Auxo will give better live previews of apps that are running. You can also swipe gestures to close apps or kill all running apps.


You can find it by searching for “Auxo” in Cydia.


Springtomize 2 offers incredible customization of iOS. You can change animations, add more apps to your dock and Home screen, hide stock apps, customize your lockscreen, resize icons, tweak Notification Center, and more using this tweak! There is also an option to turn on a transparent Notification Center design.


You can grab Springtomize in Cydia for $2.99.


Stride is a jailbreak tweak that gives better-than-Android-like gestures to your iOS lock screen. It is a 8-bit area where you can swipe your finger on. It also gives you an option to enter your 4-digit PIN. This makes sure if for some reason you can’t remember your gesture you can tap the bottom right of the iPhone’s lock screen and enter the PIN. Also Turning the Skip PIN Entry option in Stride’s settings off will make you have to enter your gesture and 4-digit PIN to unlock, thereby adding two levels of security to your iPhone! And yes this sounds great!


If you are sick of Apple’s ‘slide to unlock’ bar, get Stride now in Cydia for $3.

Dashboard X 

Dashboard X gives existing notification center widgets and let’s you place them on either the home screen or your dashboard. To get started adding widgets to your Home screen, you will obviously need several Cydia widgets installed on your device. You can find a complete list under the “Addons” section of Cydia, and Ori has a link under “More Widgets” in the Dashboard X settings. Apple’s stocks and weather widgets are available to use by default.


Dashboard X is definitely worth the $1.99 price tag. You can download the app from Cydia.


biteSMS is one of the favourite tweaks available. With biteSMS, you can quickly reply to incoming texts from anywhere on iOS, mark messages to read later, have the unread messages notifier in the iOS status bar, and even more! It could definitely replace your stock Messages app.


bitesms is available in the Cydia store for $8. And its definitely worth it!


CallBar is a jailbreak tweak that fashions up your incoming calls allowing you to customize the look of the notification banners. It also  allows you to initiate calls without ever entering Apple’s Phone app. So is it going to replace the stock app?! Yes, definitely!


It gives additional biteSMS support for all outgoing calls and is available in the cydia store for $4.


CameraTweak, a Cydia tweak that enhances the Camera app with features like time lapse, a timer, set a custom frame rate, aspect ratio, and resolution while shooting video.


If you are really a iphone freak and love taking photos using it, definitely its time to download this tweak from the Cydia store for just $1.

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