Clean your Facebook Profile using FaceWash web app

Updated on September 1, 2017

Having lots of friends in Facebook is quite common (but I personally call it as fashion or pride) and they share plenty of photos which attract thousands of likes and comments. They all appear in your Facebook profile irrespective of whether you like those or not. What’s the most disturbing thing is, most of the shared photos or comments might have words that might be dirty and may not fit to your interest. I know such things are annoying and there is only a very little way to protect your profile from such dirt. But fortunately, here is a web app called “FaceWash” that will clean your profile completely.

FaceWash for your Profile

FaceWash developed by three Kent State University students will clean your profile for incriminating content to give your profile a fresh look. Using the app, you can search the profile for “dirty word” list; which is a list of offensive or unwanted terms. The users can also search for their own words and when the results are displayed, they can choose to remove or change the privacy settings.


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