An alternative for Activator for your iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS 7 – FaceOff 7

Updated on September 1, 2017

Are you a fan of sensor-based events? Then I’m sure that you have landed on the right page! FaceOff 7 is a tweak that gives you a variety of options where different actions can be triggered by detecting proximity, sensitivity, pocket detection and many more! The settings panel offers you with various toggles that can be set to enhance the functionality of your device more.

For instance, you can set your phone to automatically lock when its in your pocket and unlock when you take it out or lock when you place the device on a flat surface.

FaceOff 7 is one of the best implementations of the accelerometer and proximity sensor of your iDevice. And yes, the tweak can be an alternative for Activator and is supported on iPhones, iPads and iPods running iOS 7. If you are impressed, you can download the tweak from the Cydia Store for 99 cents.

faceoff cydia tweak activator

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