No escape from Flappy Bird, another clone with a typing technique – Flappy Bird Typing Tutor

Updated on September 1, 2017

Flappy Bird is gone! That’s an old story. The alternatives? Well, there are plenty of Flappy Bird clones out there in the app store – including the one for Pebble smartwatch. Few say Flappy Bird was annoying, frustrating and tough game ever created. If those were the reactions for Flappy Bird, then what would you say for Flappy Bird Typing Tutor? Yes, another annoying, frustrating and even tougher than the original.

Flappy Bird Typing Tutor is an alternative to Flappy Bird, but this one is a web based game. The gameplay is almost similar to the original version – where the player has to keep the bird alive without crashing onto the pipes, not by tapping but with typing. It means, you will have to type the letter highlighted in the above text, that too at a perfect timing to keep the bird flying. A mistyped keystroke or wrong typing will bring the bird crashing to the earth.

Flappy bird alternative

Seriously? Checkout the video below of a genius who plays the game at utter ease.

Play Flappy Bird Typing Tutor online.

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