Drop in What’s going on in your Area using Evzdrop app for Android and iOS

Updated on September 1, 2017

Drop in what is going on in your location and discover information about places in real time. Yes here is another location check-in app called Evzdrop.

Evzdrop CEO David Rush said, “Check-ins are more about showing where you are to friends, which is what Foursquare has become today. … We wanted to create an app that allows you to share a common interest in place — one that lets you get the perspective of people who, along with you, are actually at an event.”


So this location based app for Android and iOS not only allows you to drop (comment of 140 words or less) in places but lets you know what others are saying in location, so you can get a better idea of whats really going on! The app has interaction with Facebook  so  your friends can add comments to drops more easily. Users can award each other “props” for their “drops”. Additionally, it allows users to make anonymous comments too.

Evzdrop is sure to have a broad use for travelers as well as for small business owners!

So. why wait? Download it for your smartphone and start dropping!

Evzdrop for Android

Evzdrop for iOS

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