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Updated on September 1, 2017

I always love spell checkers, as it prevents me from typing anything stupid. But for some reason, spell checkers were only seen in word processors, web browsers and third party text editors. I have always felt the need of spell checkers in every application that runs on the operating system. And my search didn’t go in vain! Fortunately, I came across tinySpell, a portable windows application that adds spell checking power to every application in your operating system. The application allows you to quickly identify and correct the spellings in any application on Windows. It doesn’t stop there, as it comes to act even while you rename a file or a folder and when the text is copied to the clipboard.

Using the application is very simple, all you need is to download it from the link provided at the bottom of this post. Once installed, tinySpell sits happily in your system tray and monitors every text you type. The application icon in the system tray changes its color from white to yellow when it detects spelling mistake and also produces beep sound. When the spelling mistake is found, a tiny bubble appears on top of the incorrect word and upon clicking, you will find word suggestions (with the help of built-in dictionary, encyclopedia and thesaurus). Alternatively, you may click the app icon in the system tray to see the suggestions.

spell check for any application

The app comes with a Settings panel, which can be invoked by right-clicking on the app icon – where you can set a custom beep sound or disable it altogether. ┬áCheckout other settings from the below image.

spell check for windows

tinySpell comes in two versions – one is the free version and other is the pro version that costs from $10. It works on Windows 98, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Download tinySpell for Windows.

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