Send a secret message by converting all Texts to Color in a BMP Image

Have you ever want to send an encoded message to someone? How about sending a Bitmap image with an encoded text in it? Here’s a simple, yet an effective windows application called “Text to Color” that lets you encode your secret message into a BMP image. The application takes care of converting text file into an image and vice versa by representing three letters as one pixel and making up all those pixels to create a BMP image. Once the image is ready, you can safely send it to anyone and the recipient can decode the BMP image back to original text.

Text to Color sports a very simple interface and doesn’t even require installation. Just head on to the link provided at the bottom of this post and download the program. Once downloaded, run EXE file to launch the application; where you can a text box and five buttons. Just type in your message or load a text file by clicking the ‘Load Text’ button.

Once your message is ready, click ‘Encode Text’ to generate an image file. You can check out preview of the image and click Save image. Now the image can be shared with an intended recipient.

Text to Color Windows application

The application lets you to decode the encoded image file back to text. To do that, click on the ‘Load Image’ button to select an encoded image and click ‘Decode Image’ button. Once done, save the decode text into a text file. That’s it!

Text to Color Windows application

What’s plus?

I tried the tool and it worked like a gem; no crashes, proper encoding and decoding.

What’s minus?

Text to Color lets you encode texts to an image and decodes an encoded image back to text. What if someone gets hold of your secret image and uses the same tool to decode it? A password protection while encoding would have been better.

Supported Platforms

I tried the application on Windows 7, but it should also work on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 8.

Download Text to Color here.

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