Best Solution for Total Facebook App Privacy – “Turn off Facebook Platform”

Updated on September 1, 2017

You love Facebook? Okay, then do you love the app notifications from Facebook apps too?! I don’t! They are just spammy! Why do we want to have our timeline filled with notifications from Criminal Case or City Ville?!

So , hope you wll be happy to hear that Facebook offers an to stop Facebook apps and other websites from sharing or accessing your information: Turn off Platform.

What is Facebook Platform? Why should you turn it off?
Facebook Platform is the way third-party games, applications, and websites are integrated with Facebook. This makes a way your friends with you, so you can connect with them off of Facebook. All these applications and websites are created and maintained by other businesses and developers.
These apps or games not only allow sharing of information just for the apps or sites you visit, but also allows your friends Facebook apps to access your private data. Even-though you can control app information sharing for each and every  individual basis on Facebook, it is recommended to turnoff Platform to ensure that your Facebook information is kept private and not shared to any apps or sites.


What happens when you turn off Facebook Platform?
As a result of turning of Facebook Platform you won’t be able to log into websites or apps using Facebook. And friends cannot find any of your information or be able to share information with you through apps from now. For removing the past information shared already by you, you might have to find the details on the concerned app, on how to remove them. Here’s the warning Facebook gives about turning off Platform:


How to turn-off Facebook Platform?

That’s pretty simple!

* Head-on to Facebook privacy settings.

* Click on Apps from the left menu.

* Edit the “Apps you use” section. And click the “Turn off Platform” button.


Note : Incase you miss this app notifications, you can Turn them on by clicking the “Turn on Platform” button.

Are you going to turn it off?!

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