Create, Organize, Share Calendars and Events Using Kahootz web Service

Updated on September 1, 2017

I use Facebook to keep track of my friend’s birthday, Google Calendar to keep track of events and of course my white board at home to keep track of my pending activities. Inspite of having all these, forgetting things is one of the human’s built-in feature and you can only overcome it using some technology. Well in that angle, Kahootz web service can really help you to keep track of every important event. Kahootz lets you to import events from Google Calendar and Facebook, and lets you to create calendars, events, invite people to your events, follow calendars and add reminders. The events and calendars can be either public or private.


Sign-up for the service using Facebook or Google account or using your email address. After creating the account, you can easily import the calendars and events from Facebook and Google. Use ‘My Schedule’ tab to view the calendar for the present month and future months and whereas the ‘Events’ tab shows only the future events.

Interestingly, the service will display how many days left for an event when the mouse is moved over the event. Click on ‘Calendars’ tab to view Google calendars, Facebook Events and your Facebook friend’s birthdays as individual calendars. Apart from that, you can add calendars and invite others to follow it.

To end Kahootz is a modern calendar for everyone. Checkout Kahootz and let us know your comments.

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