Secure and Optimize your Android device using Advanced mobile Care (AMC) app

Updated on September 1, 2017

Advanced Mobile Care is an Android application from the IObit, is a security and optimization app for your devices. The app is ideally meant for optimizing the performance of Android devices, but it also features security tools to protect from viruses, malware, trojan and vulnerable installations. Here is a big list of features of the app – Built-in task and app manager, Anti-malware, file locker, battery optimizer, cache cleaner, junk file remover and Game Speeder.

Advanced Mobile care app

Advanced Mobile Care can automatically update its security database from the IObit’s online servers. It can automatically kill applications that you recently used using the Auto kill feature. This task killer feature can quickly shut off memory intensive and battery hogging apps with one touch.

It is a one-touch security solution for scanning and protecting your device from the malicious programs. More importantly it provides real-time protection from malware attacks, while downloading a new app or opening an unknown file. After the scan, app can clear the cache, clean memory and remove unwanted files to boost your phone’s operating speed.

Advanced mobile care
Remove malicious programs from android

Here we go, the most important feature that you might expect from the performance optimizer opp – the battery saving feature. The app comes with three battery saving modes and alert system to let you know about which app consumes more power.

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Advanced Mobile care app
App comes with 3 battery saving modes

Game Speeder feature can automatically detect the list of games installed on your device and lets you launch games with Game speeder to make them run faster without hogging the memory.

Advanced Mobile Care app
Identify and speed up your games on Android

The app manager feature lets you uninstall apps, transfer apps to SD card, sort by name, size and use frequency to identify the large or unnecessary apps for removal.

Advanced Mobile Care app
App Manager, Game speeder, Battery Optimizer

Want to secure your photos? Protect them with a password using the Privacy locker feature. Hide, lock and protect your photos, videos and important files with a password!

Advanced Mobile Care app
Protect your Photos, videos and files with a password

Configure widgets to perform a quick scan from your Android desktop screen. Advanced Mobile care is a multilingual application which provides one touch solution for all your security and performance related issues.

Check out the video below,

Download Advanced Mobile Care.

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