How to change Samsung Galaxy S4 lock screen message? [Android]

Samsung says that Galaxy S4 is your “Life Companion”. And it really emphasizes it all time showing its tag line on your lock screen.

Well, if you like it then no issue at all! Else wishing to change it? That’s pretty simple. Here is how to modify the custom greeting!

Modify Slogan, Change Looks and other options

# Quick –

* Tap and hold the  “Life companion” line, and drag down.

* You should see an edit icon on the bottom right of the widget.

* Tap on it and go to customization page.


# Longer Way-

* Go to Go to Settings>My device

* Find Lock screen>Lock screen widgets

* You got the same customization page here!

You can modify the message, change font and also change the size and color. Options are also present to remove the clock and date.

Remove the Widget

Or if you don’t want the widget altogether, then  tap and hold the widget and drag it to “remove”. That’s it!

Now, what are you going to do?! Remove or modify?!

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