Post messages to Facebook even after you are dead : If I Die App.

Updated on September 1, 2017

Last Words!, We are all want to say something before we die. But not knowing when and where we are going to die makes it bit tricky. But Facebook profile doesn’t die as we humans do. If I die, is an Facebook application that lets you to say your last words after you left this world. All you need to do is,

1. Install “If I Die” Facebook application.

2. After installing the app, choose three trustees among your Facebook friends. Trustees are the friends who are responsible to confirm your death.

3.  Now say your last message to your friends or family by recording videos or crafting any number of Facebook posts to be published posthumously.

4. After your trustees confirm your death, all your recorded messages will be published to your Facebook wall. The posts can be published all at once or can be scheduled over a period.

Post messages to Facebook even after you are dead

“We all have things to say and don’t necessarily have the audience with the patience to hear us,” says Eran Alfonta, the app’s co-founder and CEO. “Actually we all want to leave something behind, we all want to leave a stamp behind us.”

What do you feel about this application?. Do you want your Facebook profile to live even after you are dead?

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