Quick Tip : How to Boost Your WiFi Signal?

Updated on September 1, 2017

Everybody is now well-known about this term “Wi-Fi”. Basically Wireless fidelity is a simple way by which devices connect to the internet. All what a Wi-Fi router is that its a radio wave transmitting device that delivers a 2.4 or 5 gigahertz frequency wave.

Speaking of Radio waves, we might know that these waves can penetrate through objects like as walls, but naturally these objects do decrease the strength of the signal. Also, things like concrete, metal, chicken wire, stone or any other dense material is simply going to cause signal blockage.

So, how to get the best of your router?! quick tips for you below!

* Move your router to a location that is high-up and off the ground.

* Remove any obstructions (especially metal objects) that might block the signal.

* Check and download a firmware update for your router.

* Incase your router has an antenna try adjusting it.

* Try changing the channel.

* See if your router is compatible with another open sourced firmware such as DD-WRT.com, Tomato or OpenWRT.

* Try upgrading your antenna.

* If all the above fails, get a new router!

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