Share self destructing Messages or media to anyone using ReadOnce

Updated on September 1, 2017

Want to share a message or media with your friend and delete it once viewed ? Then a web service called “ReadOnce” might impress you. ReadOnce is a web service that allows you share self destructing messages such as plain texts, images, videos and audio clips to anyone. By default every shared message will have a lifetime of 59 seconds, but you can customize to milliseconds as well. Well, the message is only deleted from the recipients side and it will be still available to you for next five days to share it again with anyone. If you wish, you can hide the actual URL of the content using as well.

All you need to do is, just sign-up for ReadOnce service and start sending self destructing messages. Using the interface, you can choose to set time limits in seconds or in milliseconds. The supported message formats are texts, image, audio and video file (which supports JPG, MP3, MP4, PNG etc..) But remember the service will never check whether the shared video or audio will finish playing before the message is destroyed. Well, there is no point in sharing anything that cannot be played fully within 59 seconds isn’t?

create self-destructing messages using ReadOnce

Upload the media or Create a text message in the step 2. The service will let you to upload the above said medias up to 5MB in size.

Create Self Destructing messages using ReadOnce

To enable the masking feature, check ‘Enable’ option at the bottom of web page. Once you’re done, click “Generate” button  and share the public link. The other think will have a lifetime up to five days and after that it will be removed from your account. Once the message is expired, the service allows the recipient to contact you to share it again. You can view the previously shared message by clicking ‘My Messages’; where you can find message creation time, date, expiry date, limit, content, shared URL, logs including the IP, time & date viewed and an option to renew the public URL.

If you were looking for a self destructing service, then ReadOnce has tons to offer. Checkout the service here.

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