ShadowDrive is a true Social Cloud Drive for your Social Media contacts

Updated on September 1, 2017

Today, there are plenty of cloud storage services that lets you store, share and backup your files. But do they really support social sharing? For instance; what do you normally do, to share a file with your Facebook contact? You will jump to any of the cloud storage service, upload the file, get an unique public URL and send it to a friend on Facebook. How about a service that simplifies this facility; that lets you to store files and share it with Facebook contact(just like posting a Wall message) using the same website? Probably this is what a real social cloud drive supposed to do and we are going to speak about one such service called “ShadowDrive”.

ShadowDrive cloud storage

ShadowDrive aims to provide a true social drive, which is built around social media platforms. It means, the service seamlessly integrates with social networks; starting from signup to file sharing. You can signup with the service using your Facebook or Twitter account and start uploading files via simple drag and drop. Well, the drag & drop feature is something that we have seen only for uploading, but in ShadowDrive you can drag and download easily. Once the file is uploaded, you can flag them for sharing with your friends securely. The files that are shared is only visible to your social media contacts.


The service lets you to view list of friends who are using ShadowDrive and allows you to browse any files shared by them. Using the simple interface, you can access all the socially shared data of your contacts and share with others quite easily.

Currently the app is available for Android. You may also checkout the ShadowDrive’s official website.

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