How to Fix “500 SSL negotiation failed” Error in Perl?

Updated on September 1, 2017

I was recently working on a perl script that supposed to access a web service hosted on a remote site, which is a SOAP based on HTTPS. The logic of the program was simple – it supposed to send a particular tracking id to SOAP based web service, receive a corresponding mapping-id and then I do few operations with it (anyways I’m not going discuss all those here). When I executed the program, it failed with an error message as below:

"SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client::send_receive: 500 SSL negotiation failed"

I googled and found the below solution. All I have to do is to install a perl module called “Crypt::SSLeay” – which actually provides support for HTTPS protocol under LWP (libwww-perl, a collection of perl modules that provide access to WWW).


Installing Crypt::SSLeay

It’s simple. Launch cpan by typing ‘cpan‘ command in the shell prompt. In the cpan prompt, type “install Crypt::SSLeay“. That’s it.

Now, I tried executing the perl program and it worked great.

Hope this will help someone out there facing a similar issue.

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