Vodafone session cost 0.04 and How to Stop that?

Updated on August 6, 2018

Do you have mobile data switched Off and still see Vodafone session cost 0.04 balance drop? I see many complaints in the internet including the consumer forums and those complaints were all from Vodafone users. Generally, the operator should not charge for data usage when the mobile data is turned Off. But Vodafone does. So why does Vodafone charge for not using data? And why does it charge 0.04 exactly? Losing Rs. 0.04 is not a big deal, but this happens 25-50 times in a day (few users say it happens every minute)? What does Vodafone customer care say? “Well, there might be some application that’s using mobile data”. What? I don’t have mobile data switch On and how can an application use mobile data? So many questions and none of the forums had an answer, including Vodafone customer care.

Vodafone session cost 0.04

Even I’m a victim of it and after trying several settings, I could finally stop Vodafone from deducting session cost 0.04. So if you are constantly seeing alert box that says “Vodafone session cost 0.04”, here’s how you can stop that.

Option 1: Reset Access Point Names settings.

To do that, go to Settings > … More > Cellular Networks > Access Point Names and tap on the three vertical dots at the top right corner and tap “Reset to default“.

Reset Vodafone APN settings

That’s it! Wait and see if this option worked for you. Do you still see “Vodafone session cost 0.04” alert? Then try the second option.


The settings might differ on some devices & Android versions. The above screenshots were captured on Android 7.0 in Moto G5.

Option 2: Change Preferred network type.

If you want to enable mobile data, you will obviously want your “Preferred network type” set to 4G. But that setting seems to be the problem behind “Vodafone session cost 0.04”. Try changing Preferred network type and see if that resolves the problem. To do that, go to Settings > …More > Cellular networks and tap “Preferred network type” and change it to 2G.

After changing Preferred network type, wait for a day to see if that has resolved the issue. In fact, Option 2 worked for me.


If you want to switch ON Mobile data, then you need to change the “Preferred network type” back to 4G.

Option 3: STOP PayG service

You may try sending SMS as STOP to 1925 and see if you receive PayG service deactivation message. Thanks to our reader Mr. Bhupal. It seems to have worked for few users.

Hope that helps.

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  1. This is actually PayG service. Please send message “STOP” to 1925. You will get PayG service deactivation message.

    1. By doing it get resolved.
      None of the options worked as mentioned above.
      Helpful bhupal ji

  2. None of your suggestions works. I tried everything, even deleted access point names, still daily minimum 30-40 times this message is coming and they are deducting 4 pause each time. Mobile data and WiFi access disabled and still it is happening. Any further suggestions please.

    1. Arvind, option 2 has worked for some of the users. In fact, it worked for me as well. Could you check again if the Preferred network type is set to 2G?

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