Google shows off Android usage stat for November – KitKat shares 1.1%

Updated on September 1, 2017

Android has a wide variety of versions but the fragmentation of the versions leads to high disorientation. That is why Google releases pie charts. To help treat more devices with the latest version of Android. But Google is releasing the latest versions of Android very fast but the manufacturers are optimizing the OS to incorporate some bloatware and some skin effects which are sure to increase the lag in the OS.

Before, Gingerbread was at the top of the pie chart and accounted for a large percent of the OS share when compared to Jelly bean and ICS. But then google decided not to collect data of devices that accessed the play store but a rather different approach which will make sure the latest OS has the most number of shares when compared to the previous versions. Google has released Android usage for the month of November and the new comer KitKat has a 1.1% share thanks to the Nexus, GPE editions and also the CM 10.2. Mostly it should be due to the CM 10.2 builds that update any old phones to the latest iteration of Android.

Android pie chart and percentage
Android pie chart and percentage

But surprisingly, Android 3.2 Honeycomb is also present in the list. Éclair, Cupcake and donut are no where on the list but really don’t be fooled by the chart. There are devices that run the oldest version of Android. But they are not given in the chart. This is just a measure by Google to show that it is quick in its updates. Don’t take me wrong and I am not criticizing the company but it needs a lot of efforts to continue what its doing.  Jelly bean has the largest share and all the versions combined together stand at 54.5%.

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