Feeling not-so-sociable? Try Split – The Anti-Social app!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Life is very cruel and it tortures you at unexpected times. Days when you are all gussied up and have put on your social armour expecting to run into people, disappointingly turn out to be socially dry day. Then a day, when you find yourself competing with time and look like a drowned rat, disappointingly turns out to be the day when you meet people you have known at some point in your lifetime. And all you can do is paste a smile on your face and hear them make catty remarks about you. How often does this happen to you? How often do you feel like jumping into a crowd of strangers only to hide from that familiar face? Do you naturally attract your frenemy or the jilted ex or your tyrant boss every time you step out and head somewhere? Then it’s time to use Split.

What is Split?

Split is a lifesaving app available for free on the iOS and Android devices. It uses the information available on social networking sites like Facebook and its clan and warns you whenever an unwanted individual steps your way.

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There are similar apps available in the market, so why Split?

Well, not exactly. There is Cloak, but it uses only a person’s Instagram and Foursquare check-ins to do the same. So, in case the (unwanted) person enlisted in your contact is yet to be born on Instagram and doesn’t bother much with check-ins on Foursquare, then you are a goner. As for Split, it gives you the luxury of multiple social networking sites.

How does it work?

You know this by now that it uses a person’s geolocations to warn the other about his or her whereabouts. So you basically flag a handful of people (hopefully you are not an anthropophobiac) on your phone and the app uses their geolocations and sends you a notification warning you of their presence around. So, if you are adept at making a quick exit, you can conveniently sneak yourself out of that place.

Split app's screen capture
Split notifies you whenever the unwanted one hovers around

But, is Split stalking the unwanted?

Not at all! It is just utilizing the information already available for public knowledge. It uses this information at the correct time and place and keeps you out of each other’s (you and the unwanted others) path.

So others can also give you a taste of your own medicine?

This is the best part of the app. If you are a Split user, it will safeguard your location details (if you want it to do so). This means, you can avoid people but they cannot avoid you! But, what can happen if the other person uses split too? I’m not sure of this case though!

Would it be a hit or a miss?

In a world where everybody keeps on running into somebody either on social networking or in a shopping mall snatching away from us the luxury of “me” time, this app would definitely have its share of fans.

Experiment it and taste its fruits!

Download Split for Android | Split for iOS

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