Say no to Snoopers fashionably – AntiSnooper can automatically blur any Window for Privacy

Updated on September 1, 2017

If you are a privacy wanting person who feels it bad to press Ctrl+D(minimize all open windows) when somebody is peeking into your system, you are in the right place where you can read about the right software that would suffice your need. This lightweight software called AntiSnooper blurs any open window! As the name points out, it can put a stop to the snoopers around you who are eager to see your personal chat or password credentials.

But does it really work for any open window? If yes, how do I activate it? How long will it stay blurred? How do I get the software? How much does it cost? And many other questions rise, lets talk about them in brief.

What is AntiSnooper?

AntiSnooper is a free software from Bagrify Solutions which blurs content on any open window as long as the mouse points elsewhere.

privacy windows software

How to use AntiSnooper?

The usage is very simple.

  • Just download the AntiSnooper software (11.5 MB)
  • Run the installation(the installation is pretty simple and quick)
  • Launch the program
  • The software will list all the running programs in your system
  • Under Manual Window Selection tab, select the program you want to blur
  • If you prefer mouse selection, point the window you want to protect, with the mouse
  • Enter profile name, select protection time-out and protection type (AntiSnooper gives option to blur content or show screen savers)

antisnooper settings

  • Preview output pane, shows how your profile will work
  • Click OK and enjoy privacy!

This is how a AntiSnooper protected window blur when out of focus (runs in background, not active).

blur any window antisnooper

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