Audio stuttering via TP Link UB400 Bluetooth on Windows? – Fix!

Updated on November 24, 2021

I recently bought myself Bluetooth-based Boult Audio AirBass TrueBuds for my phone. I also wanted to use the same on my Windows desktop PC rather than buying a new headset for using them for conference calls etc.,  Since my computer didn’t have Bluetooth, planned to buy a USB Bluetooth Adapter. After good research and review analysis, I decided to buy TP-Link USB Bluetooth Adapter for PC 4.0 Bluetooth Dongle (TP-Link UB400). When I plugged in, my Windows 10 recognized it without any glitches. Then went on to pair my Boult Audio Airbass TrueBuds and voila it works charmingly. But then, when I played music and started to hear them on Boult Audio Airbass TrueBuds, the audio stuttered in between!

I tried everything – removing, repairing, restarting windows, but all went in vain! Finally a bit of googling and with the below steps, I was able to fix the issue.

Step 1: Navigate to Control Panel -> Devices and Printers

Step 2: Double-Click on Boult Audio Airbass TrueBuds (Choose your Audio accordingly)

Step 3: Click on the Services tab

Step 4: Uncheck “Serial Port (SSP) LWACP“.

Did it work? Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. I tried checking with the TP-Link support community but of no use. Finally, went to the support page of UB400 and thought I will update the driver which had a published date of 2020-02-27. You know what? Updating the driver fixed the issue and the music stopped stuttering via Bluetooth.

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