How to run batch file from shared network?

Updated on September 3, 2017

Web development is challenging when you have to make your webpage to look good on all browsers. The IE9 browser is still a nightmare to many. Then, browser-sync came as an useful tool to test webpages simultaneously in couple of browsers. Recently I had to move all my files to server, which is good indeed!

But, I suddenly realized that I was not able to run my browser-sync server as usual. As the files were in a shared network, the program was not able to access the file inside it. My command prompt threw the error “UNC path are not supported”. UNC (Universal Naming Convention) is a way to find the shared file without specifying (or knowing) the storage device it is on.

Now, being used to running my localserver on with browser-sync always, I had to do nothing but find a way now to use it rather than ditching it. If you are like me, here is the quick solution.

PUSHD comes hand. The pushd command is similar to your change directory command, except for that it also supports network path along with the local drive letter and path. Incase of a network path, it temporarily assigns the first unused drive letter (starting with Z:) to the network resource. If you want to remove this association you will have to use popd.

PUSHD \\INB01\Users\mahalakshmi.kabilan\project

Let me know if it works for you. Sure it will!

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