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Updated on September 1, 2017

In all your phone owning life, “Where did you find my number?” is a staple question which might have crossed your mind more than once. On occasions, you might have even voiced this question out loud. But then, finding an accurate answer to this question is rather difficult. In a day’s time your number is exchanged by a number of people without your knowledge – companies, employment agencies, random chicks, a more random gang of young men, social networking and then some.

And I am sure, this is no revelation for you. It is only natural but, irritating and (on many occasions) dangerous, nonetheless. “What do I do?”, You moan. And as your mind races through the maze of possibilities, let me give you a word of suggestion – get yourself a new number. I am not joking, I am as serious as your problem. Anyways a number is a cheap way out of the trouble. It would cost you zero bucks. Have you been living under a rock? I guess, you have been if your haven’t heard of Burner for Android and i OS. It has been warming a place in the top 10 iOS utility apps in the US for over a years time now. Good news is, it has now made an entry in the Android market, as well.

Burner for i OS and Android
Let the stalkers burn

What is Burner?

An app (that too, for free) which generates a number according to your area code which can be used for a week’s time. You simply ‘Burn’ your generated number when your purpose is served and the caller would receive an ‘out of coverage area’ message every time he or she calls you on your ‘burned’ number.

What do I do with a new number?

Met someone at the pub and want to know them well without compromising your privacy? Use Burner and exchange your new number instead of your real one. You can do all the usual things with the newly generated number-call, message, set a voice-mail greeting and the like.

You can sign up for job search sites, dating sites, social networking sites and the like by way of using this number. People you would be associated for brief period of time can also be given this number, for instance, doctors, brokers etc.

Burner app
A new number along with the old one

Things to know about Burner

Your first number comes for free, after which you can create multiple numbers for various purposes (for the purpose of which you can always name them to keep a tab of) for an insignificant price.

You can always view and manage the list of history of your burning activity.

A unique notification tone can be set for each new number.

Your new number generated by Burner and real number both are connected.

And yes, if is completely legal and safe.

The bad part, it is only functions in US and Canada. Let’s hope it hits us all soon, as well.

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