Tag them, call them, free them of doubts – Calltag goes right before your phone call

Updated on September 1, 2017

We have touched the skies, dived into the deeps, discovered fire, tackled lions, have build ourselves a society and then have shrunk the world in an attempt to make it a better place…. you get the drift, we have done it all. But when it comes to simple problems, we fail to address them.

We came up with mobile phones which grew up to be smart phones with the same old ‘calling’ display on the screen every time some one calls. So? Is that a problem?  Don’t you think it is? Okay, picture this-you remorsefully saying into your phone’s mouthpiece, ” But I did know it was you”. This ‘I did not know’, ‘why is she calling’, ‘is it some one I know who’s calling’ happen to each one of us more than often. The solution-Calltag.

We have tags for everything today. Especially in the virtual world, we tag just about everything to portray clarity. May it be a picture or a post, a tweet or a Facebook status, Instagram posts for that matter, everything comes with a tag. If they can come with one, so can a phone calls. Calltag lets you add tags like #pickup #dad #emergency right before you place the phone call.

Why are you calling?

Meaning? Before you call someone up, they already know what you are calling them up for. The tagged message is sent right into the phone call receiver’s inbox. This would straighten out a lot of problems for callers like you and me. For one, we can now live without voicemails and messages which go, “Hey, I called up to say…Please call back”. Then, those who get a kick out of calling people from unknown numbers can reveal their identity right before they call someone up.

I have jumped on similar bandwagons in the past. Whatsapp, Twitter, for instance. I don’t want to install another app on my phone which would just sit on my phone.  Call makers need this, call receivers don’t. But then, every receiver is a maker. In other words, the absence of this app on your phone, you would still be notified with hashed messages which would announce the arrival and purpose of a call. But, for the purpose of alerting the phone call receiver, you need need Calltag.

I can type messages as well, right? Why Calltag? Chances are you would be losing out on precious time in the process of keying in the tags manually. With Calltag you have a list of pre-made tags, a set of personal tags can be added when need arises. All in all Calltag spells quick and efficient.

Tag before you call, Calltag please!

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