Carat, an app for Android and iPhone that can save your Battery

Updated on September 1, 2017

Is your smartphone battery draining quickly? Then there is an app called Carat from UC Berkely that can detect the energy bugs and usage habits to help you optimize your phone. Once the app is downloaded and installed, it starts measuring your device and sends the data to UC Berkely server for analyzing. The server sends the information back to your device that will help you optimize the phone.

Carat App can save your smartphone battery
Carat App can save your smartphone battery

Carat collects the information from the community of devices where it is installed. The data is then processed by the UC Berkely server and stored. Spark analysis tool from UC Berkely analyses the data and extracts key statistical values and metrics. You can find this data in the reports section of the Carat App.

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The app provides you with the personalized reports which will contain information about the apps that seems to be using lots of energy. For example, Carat could tell you whether your instance of Twitter seems to be using far more energy than most other instances (a possible sign that your instance is buggy or is being used abnormally).

How does the Carat app works?
How does the Carat app works?

Carat also periodically collects information from your device for analysis purpose. This includes What apps are running? the percentage of battery remaining, memory and CPU utilization, the unique device ID, whether the device is plugged-in to the power outlet, the model and operating system information.

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