6 Ways to Stop Microsoft From Spying What you do in Windows 10!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Windows 10 is a huge hit, says Internet and reports from Microsoft. But wait, there are few serious bugs and privacy concerns surrounding Windows 10. I recently came across an article, that says Microsoft is monitoring everything you do with Windows 10 (such as Microsoft knows how long you use Windows 10, they read your emails, private communications and files that are stored in private folders) and those settings are enabled by default. How scary is that? Well, you’ll be totally horrified after reading Microsoft’s Privacy Statement.

How to Stop Microsoft from spying your content in Windows 10?

Verifying Privacy settings should be the first thing you should be doing after installing Windows 10. There are few programs in the internet that allows you to control Privacy settings in Windows 10, but it’s a good idea to start with “Privacy Settings”app.

All you need to do is, launch Privacy Settings via Settings app.

change privacy settings

In the Settings app, click on “Privacy”.

privacy settings win10

In the Privacy Settings app, lookout for the left side menu and click on each item to control privacy settings.

Note: You may need to keep few settings On, so read the description before tweaking it.

5 Tools to Control Privacy Settings in Windows 10

There are few tools out there in the internet that allows you to control various Privacy settings in Windows.

DoNotSpy10 – a free application that provides a centralized interface where users can view various settings and choose to turn it On or Off.

control windows privacy

Destroy Windows 10 Spying:

destroy spying windows10


Disable WinTracking

free tool to disable tracking

Windows 10 Privacy Fixer

remove tracking windows 10

W10 Privacy

win10 privacy settings tool

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