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Updated on September 1, 2017

What’s the first task undertaken by you when you buy yourself a brand new device (say, a tablet)? Sort out the data connection thingy, right? Rush to the nearest store to get yourself a data plan or figure out a Wi-Fi connection. This is a usual state of affairs for most of us who add a new member to the device family. One of the longest ways out of this is ‘rooting’, which most don’t want to bother with. Then you can always shell out a few bucks and get yourself a new data plan as there seems to be no way out of this labyrinth, right? WRONG! Thanks to the creators of ‘Open Garden’ who thought of us in these times of crisis and came up with a perfect solution. Open Garden lets your other devices (tablet, laptop and the likes) to use your mobile’s data connectivity without shelling out a dime. How cool is that! It overlooks everything as in 3G, 4G, WiFi, your phone type etc. and connects you almost instantly. Open Garden is an app which would come to your rescue in dire situations like travelling when you are compelled to decide which device to lug around accompanied with its respective data connection. Carry your phone and the rest can go without a companion (data connection). This is seamless internet sharing at its best.

Open Garden lets you use your phones internet on other devices
Seamless internet sharing

Built something along this line is a chat app which doesn’t seek out an internet connection. But why am I drifting from seamless internet sharing to just another chat app? Don’t we have enough of them already? Well, you see this is unlike any other chat app and I am not drifting. Apparently this chat app called by the name ‘Fire Chat’ ‘is by the creators of Open Garden and is available on the same page.

a chat app which works without an internet connection
FireChat doesn’t need an individual’s internet connection

What is Fire Chat?

Just another chat app with a twist (or treat for the customers)! It functions effortlessly without an internet connection, very unlike WhatsApp and its comrades which conveniently die on you the moment you step out of internet connectivity territory.

Device compatibility

FireChat is available both for iOS and Android users and that too at a free of cost.

How does it work?

You need not know that. It basically functions on the multipeer connectivity and rest of the technical intricacies have been taken care by its creators. Multipeer connectivity lets it survive on nearby device’s WiFi and data connections (just like Open Garden). Analyzing minds thought this app to function within 100 feet of a nearby device’s data or WiFi connection thereby writing it off. But it seems the developers have waved their magic wands to create this app as it function at a considerable distance (i.e. more than 100 feet) away from a not-so-nearby device’s data or WiFi or Bluetooth connection. And and  and, it doesn’t only let you share chat messages but images as well. All this without an internet connection of your own!

FireChat lets you share everything without an internet connection
Let’s you exchange chat messages and images as well.

Lets Fire Chat!

Download FireChat for iOS

Download FireChat for Android.

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