Now you can confide without the fear of being caught-Confide for Android and iOS

Updated on September 1, 2017

When you are in your early twenties, planning and plotting against a nemesis (a professor in this case), you’ve got to be pretty careful. We (I and my classmates) decided to mass bunk on one such ‘lets- take-revenge’ day. I called up a friend and planted this seed of conspiracy in her mind, who in turn called up another friend and did the same and that’s how a chain was formed. Later in the day, I asked this friend why she had called the other instead of dropping in a text message (it wasn’t as if much persuasion was needed in a situation like that). She replied, “We would have been in a major fix in case madam would have come across one of our text messages”. And that was so true, in a class of 20; you never know who has a habit of stashing away stale messages which could land you in trouble. It may sound like the dilemma of ‘today’s kids’ (pun intended), but if you are employed then you would also find yourself in a similar situation.

Some things are just not appropriate enough to be said on-record. Devious minds in an office atmosphere can always twist your messages and remove it from the context and land you in trouble. In situations like these an honest face-to-face conversation would be much more effective and less risk ridden. But, in-person conversations cannot be carried out at all times, there would come a time when you would have to rely on other modes of conversation. And in times like these you’ve got to be picky as you do not want your own text messages (at a later date) to act as a noose around your neck. Off-the-record conversation app is a perfect way out of such situations. You mean Snapchat? Well, if exchanging a plethora of selfies for a quick conversation is your cup of tea then Snapchat is your way out. But for the rest ‘I-abhor-selfies’ type try Confide.

an off-the-record app
Let’s confide

What is Confide?

It’s one of those free text messaging apps where the conversation dissolves into thin air once the sender sends it and the recipient reads it. Which means the next time somebody plays the game of ‘lets-point-fingers’, you can act innocent and slither out of it as there wouldn’t be any substantial  evidence which could be held against you.

If it’s designed for the executive class one needs to have an executive phone?

First thing first, it is designed for all. Irrespective of your phone model, if you use a decent Android (Gingerbread and forward) or iOS device then Confide would do well on your phone.

Android users are fairly new to the Confide club (but then no app can survive without pleasing the gigantic chunk of Android users which was later admitted by the app’s CEO). The Android version is said to be a tad bit quicker than its twin on iOS. And there’s more, Android users can also share emails on Confide.

Your heart with that secret is bursting at the seams?

Your teammate is absconding without a notice?

Your tyrannous boss’s dirty little secret is no more a secret for you?

Your friend’s boyfriend is cheating on her?

Then Confide without the hassle of dirtying your hands and fear of being caught!

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