Note them down, drag them around-Evernote Smart Notebook by Moleskin is here to change your note-taking behavior!

Updated on September 1, 2017

I often get asked about my preferences. “What do you prefer writing in? A notebook or a smart phone or a tablet?” I prefer them all. But then, the usual dilemma sets in – the dilemma of omnipresence. The notes my notebook boasts of is not be found in my phone and the one in my phone is not on my tab and the one which is on my tab is not present in my laptop. Meaning – I either have to carry them all all the time or miss out on a golden opportunity because of the lack of a note at that given point in time. But then,  how can you digitize every handwritten note? We all like the soft copy and the hard copy of most notes, but then we know, the pain involved in making a set of two is excruciating in nature.

Thanks to Evernote Smart Notebook which has attempted to bridge this great divide between the real and virtual world notes.It is a simple idea which promises to transform our note making ways.

Evernote Smart Notebook + Evernote Smart app= smart note

Write, sketch, jot, brief or long notes and then, capture a snapshot of the page and carry the same with you on your phone.

Evernote Smart Notebook
Notes, notes, notes

Just on my phone?

Evernote is everywhere – on you laptop, tab and the like. Meaning – you can access your notes from any of the available device at hand.

The gleaming parts of Evernote

You can carry the your notes anywhere with you on any device of your preference.

The notebook would last for over three months time after which you can place the order for a new one.

The notebook is accompanied with stickers which would help you to organize your notes.

Once digitized, you can browse through your notes fed into the device in the past by way of keying in a keyword.

Evernote notebook by Moleskin

I don’t want a new notebook in every three months time.

Well, if you want to maintain your Evernote Premium subscription, you need to buy a new notebook in every three month’s time. A Premium subscription gives you added privileges like an easier and quicker access and benefits of similar nature.

Evernote notebook
with the organizing stickers

Why do I need an Evernote notebook? I already have a spare plain one sitting at home.

Evernote notebooks are designed according to the app which would make capturing of the notes easy without you having to make an effort to fit in the entire page on your phone’s screen. The special ‘ruled’ and ‘squared’ dotted lines makes the capturing of  sketches and jots convenient.

Go get organized and digitized with Evernote Smart Notebook.

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