Hotel My Phone Lets You Check Into Your Phone, Anytime and Anywhere

Updated on September 1, 2017

Our phones are our lifelines. We carry them every where and we use them all the time; whether it is to stay in touch with friends and family, or to make online purchases, or to listen to music while we work out or just to kill some time playing games. So naturally, when somehow we find ourselves in the unfortunate situation of not being in possession of our phone, or our phone refusing to start up because the battery has died out, we feel utterly dreadful. Who in the world has not experienced the terrible helplessness of watching their phone’s battery get drained until it gets switched off, specially if they’re expecting an urgent call or message? Or when you’re rushing to get to work in the morning and in the hurry you simply forget to pocket your phone – how many times have we kicked ourselves for being so damn silly? Umpteen times is my guess. But now there is a solution that the folks at PPLConnect have come up with, in the form of an app that aims to address these frustrating problems.

Hotel My Phone is a smartphone app that lets you check into your friends’ phone

hotel my phone app

The concept behind Hotel My Phone is charmingly simple and quite effective and in order to explain it, the company have made use of an interesting analogy – that of checking into a hotel. The app makers encourage you to install this app not only on your phone but ask your close friends and family to do the same. In this way, every person’s phone becomes a sort of “hotel” into which another person can “check-in” whenever they find themselves in a situation without access to their phone.

So imagine yourself in the following situation – you’ve been travelling and have not had the opportunity to charge your phone for some time. You watch with horror as slowly the battery runs out and very soon your phone is dead. But if your travelling companion – whether a spouse or a friend – has this app on their phone, you can simply log in to your phone and see all the calls and texts that you’ve received in the duration that your phone was dead. What’s more, you can even send texts and make calls and the person receiving them will see them as if they’re being sent by your own phone number. And after you’re done, you simply log out, or “check-out” of your companion’s phone, and it will revert back to being its normal self, or rather an empty “hotel”.

Hotel My Phone is a safe and secure way of always having access to your phone

Hotel My Phone - Phone Share - screenshot

Phone data is sensitive and personal, and no matter how close you are to the person into whose phone you check-in, you still want to protect your information. But Hotel My Phone is extremely cautious with the security of your data, ensuring that once you have checked out from a phone, the host cannot, in any way, gain access to it. Also, if for some reason you forget to check out, it will automatically do so on your behalf, preventing your data from being misused.

Hotel My Phone is free and available on both Android and iOS. Download and start checking-in!

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