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Updated on September 1, 2017

Let’s talk wallpaper. What is on your phone screen? Picture of a beloved? Picture of Gods and Goddess? Friends? Mountains and rivers? Valleys or abstract? Sketches or default wallpaper? I am sure I have covered it all. Wallpapers are distinct identification of our phones which also speak volumes about us. For instance, if you have the picture of you wife set as you wallpaper, then you love her (or, are too scared of her to set someone else’s picture as your wallpaper) . If you have a scenery set as your wallpaper then you are an aspiring or closet traveler. If you have a picture of an animal set as your wallpaper, then you love them. If you have a default wallpaper set by your manufacturer then you are hopeless and unattached (sorry for being judgmental).

Give them nature wallpaper some rest for a while

All in all, wallpapers are an inevitable part of a phone. So, the makers of LoneColor knowing this designed something which would be welcomed by many. This tiny weeny app serves just one purpose in many colors, it lets you set a solid color as you wallpaper. So? how is it any different? It is zero interface. You don’t have to locate the app on you home screen and dive into it and search for colors to set a wallpaper. Figure the app in your app cluster or home screen and tap on the icon to see your home screen change into a different tint.

But I don’t like randomness, period! Well, there is a solution for that, as well. Copy a color code from any of the color community online or a different app, for that matter.and tap the icon of LoneColor. Voila, here’s the color you liked online right on your screen. And then, you can always let your fingers do a tap dance on the icon until you are satisfied by its result.

Colored wallpaper, anyone?

But , then zero interface means no setting. Where do I paste the color code? How about ANYWHERE. Paste it anywhere on your screen and tap the LoneColor icon. Look ma, what you’ve got!

But, apps are supposed to give feedback. Zero interface means zero feedback! No, zero interface means feedback right on your clipboard. How cool is that?

Why should I even bother with the app?

Psychologists support the theory of color and human mind, meaning, some colors would soothe you, others would tickle you, while others would be just there for you.

It is really tiny and for free and is fun and pretty. You don’t need to look for excuses now. Go install it. Androiders this one is for you.

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