Celsius, Kelvin and Fahrenheit are your phone’s new best friends. Meet Kalt that turns your Phone into a Thermometer

Updated on September 1, 2017

Nobody likes being singed (or, burned, for that matter). Nobody likes the sensation of a chilly surface pressed right into one’s palm. We all are cautious, when it comes to temperature. Temperatures are evidences which one needs to keep a track of. In case, one fails to do so, the repercussions can be great. For instance, how do you know that your car’s tire is in a great shape?  What about an electrical equipment? Very hot, a little hot, perfect?

Well, to know the answers to the above mentioned questions one needs to know well, the temperature, of course. I have been ranting a lot about temperature since the beginning. Let me now rant about Kalt, the temperature seeker. Every time you wish to check an object’s or body’s temp (phew! I was tired chanting temperature over and over again) what do you do? If is a body, then you might measure it with a thermometer. You might opt for separate measuring instruments for the rest.

Kalt connects to your smartphone via audio jack

Can we not just have one measuring instrument for measuring every object’s , subject’s or, matter’s temp? The creators of Kalt know about your constant companion and therefore, promise to turn it into a temp measuring instrument.

Imagine a device as small as a pen drive, no lugging, no pain to carry around and best of all, this handy device is utilitarian in nature. But you said it turns my constant companion into a measuring device?Which companion? Your phone, who else! Download the Kalt app from the App or Google Play store, plug in Kalt into your audio jack, position your phone in the direction of the object you desire to know the temp of (without touching the object) and see graphs stating temp pop right on your phone’s screen.

Temperature measure from phone


  • One, I don’t understand graphs. Well, the graph is accompanied with numeric stating the exact temp.
  • Two, I am bad at conversion. I cannot convert Celsius into Fahrenheit. Kalt reads temp in Celsius, Kelvin and Fahrenheit.
  • Three, I like to keep a track of temp over a period of time. And I want to store it once I find it. You can always save it right on the Kalt app. Further, Kalt is an ongoing graph, meaning, it measures temp over a period of time.
  • Four, I am a lover of precision. Kalt caters point on precise readings.
  • Five, I favor my tablet over smartphone. It is tablet-friendly, as well.
  • Six, I love Android. Kalt is compatible with all Android smartphones/tablets, iPhone and iPad.

When, where, how?

Robogaia Industries, the pioneer of Kalt already have a working model and by March this year Kalt would come knocking on your door, if you help them raise some funds here on Kickstarter.

Take a sneak peak at Kalt here and shower them with your appreciation and love.

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