How to get rid of Annoying Ads on Charging screen in Android?

Are you seeing a charging screen with an advertisement while your Android device is charging? It could be possible that your device is installed with a malicious app that might be pushing ads. When you download and install an application from Google Play or from a third party app store, they might be sometimes pushing annoying ads. The most scary thing is, sometimes even the genuine app might be pushing such ads – seriously, TrustGo – one of the most rated Antivirus and Mobile security app was the culprit in my case. Yes, my phone started showing some annoying charging screen with an ad whenever the device was plugged into the power socket. Checkout the below screenshot.

Bonus: Also, you may want to disable ads in Skype and uTorrent application as well

disable ad while charging phone

I tried to google the issue and read few posts in Android forums that were mostly talking about Clean Master app that recently starting pushing adwares. But I didn’t have even a single cleaning app installed, but the real culprit was TrustGo app.

If you have TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile security app installed, then here’s how you can remove the setting that shows a new charging screen with an advertisement linking to Facebook, Amazon etc..

Step 1: Launch the TrustGo app.

Step 2: Tap on Settings > Charging Screensaver at the bottom.

TrustGo shows ads

Step 3: In the “Charging Screensaver Settings” screen, uncheck “Charging Screensaver”. The option promises to speed up charging by 20% and protect your battery, but it didn’t make any difference while charging my phone. So just go ahead and disable it.

trustgo adware

TrustGo app might have some useful features, but this Charging Screensaver is simply annoying and it deserves to be in trash. That’s it!

You might want to disable Ads displayed on Lock screen by applications such as Turbo Cleaner and Fast Cleaner.

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