Maintain a robot vacuum cleaner? – How to and more tips!

Updated on August 2, 2021

Who cleans the cleaner?! For any machine to stay good and have a good lifespan, there is just one magic that you need to do. Maintenance! A robot vacuum cleaner helps you in keeping your house clean with the tap of a button. With some maintenance your robot vacuum would go a long way. It is often recommended that you do this on a recurring basis be it a week or 10 days once so that you don’t get into the hassle of searching for a service center.

How to maintain a robot vacuum cleaner

Care for your robot would just consume 10 minutes or less. Most of the tips found here are relevant to any vacuum cleaner brand say, iRobot, Ecovacs, Eufy, Mi Mop, Viomi, Roidmi, Lydsto, Milagrow and more.

Brushes – Main brush and side brush

These are the two main things that get stuck with hair. You can ideally cut them with scissors or the tool that most of the companies ship along with the device.

Removing any hair be it pet hair or human hair from the main brush is important, otherwise it can block airflow and weaken the suction power. In most of the models its possible to remove the main brush.

The side brush also needs to be free from hair, otherwise it may not spin properly. You can just pull out the hair that’s tangled, or use a screw driver to remove the brush and take out the hair.

If you see that the brushes gone bad, its always recommended to replace them right away.

side brush main brush


The vacuum navigates with wheels, and often hair and debris go in here as well. Be sure to clean the wheel and axle that can accumulate dirt.

Sensors, Cameras

Robot vacuums use sensors, cameras or lasers to find their way. Its a key to clean these sensors with a dry cloth or swabs. Using wet cloth could damage the sensors. If a strong dirt remains and the vacuum cannot find it way, try using a lightly damp cloth.


Filters should be cleaned about every week. To release dust from the filter, you can remove it from the vacuum and gently tap it in a trash can. You can also use soft brush or a hand vacuum. The filter is usually made from delicate material, follow the company instructions for replacement of filters when alerted.

Bottom part of the robot

Its also a good idea to sanitize and clean your robots bottom with a lightly damp cloth. After all, that’s the part which gets into contact with all gross things!

Do you have a vacuum cleaner and have some more tips on how to maintain a robot vacuum cleaner? Tell us in the comments!

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