Dyson v12 detect slim review

Updated on March 22, 2022

Dyson is considered the Apple of appliances. Their vacuum cleaners are not only powerful but are designed so well with consideration that they become a part of daily use. The Dyson v12 detect slim is the latest addition to the cordless vacuum line-up and is pretty powerful and has a unique laser to show you how dusty your floor is. It also has an LCD screen to prove the deep clean that it does. Let us go to see what are the pros and cons of this vacuum.

Suction power and cleaning efficiency

  • The v12 comes with suction of 150AW.
  • The lightweight digital motor spins up to 125,000rpm allowing it to collect all dust.
  • Anti-static carbon fiber brushes help suck from hard floors.
  • Captures up to 99.99% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.
  • Power modes like Auto, Eco, Medium, and Boost enable efficient and intensive cleaning.

Ease of use

  • This is Dysons lightest vacuum weighing 2.2kg and will be little light on your arm.
  • It has a swappable click-in battery that charges in 4 hours.
  • It comes with a wall-dock where you can drop the machine and charge it for your next use. The dock can also hold a couple of your frequently used attachments.
  • There is a single power button control here as opposed to the usual on press and hold control in previous Dyson machines.
  • The laser slim cleaner head allows you to see the dust and know the areas that should be cleaned often.
  • The brushes expel hair off to the bin as they have an anti-tangle design.
  • The no-touch bin is so satisfying to be emptied.
  • All the brushes, batteries, and the bin are so easy to be removed and attached.
  • A wand clip is given out of the box to have multiple attachments and use them on the go.

What we like in the Dyson v12 detect slim

  • We cleaned out the mattress and sofa and got to know that we are living with dusty furniture. Trust me you will feel the accomplishment for the money spent on the first clean.
  • dustThe first time we cleaned our sofa with Dyson v12
  • It’s so handy and available right across the room. You would not want to run for the broom and pan for a quick clean-up and be nice to the kids who are messy with their snacks.
  • Earlier we had a Eureka Forbes corded vacuum that used to sit in the attic, and to use it we need to use the ladder and then find a plug point and start dusting stuff. If you think only this process is boring, the dust empty part is more it just opens up the world of secondary dust exposure.
  • The hard brush attachment helps clean up hard dirt.
  • It allows to clean the crevices that were unreachable.
  • We got to clean the false ceiling with ease.
  • We got to skirting tiles with ease.
  • Clean the ceiling fans without making the floor very dirty.
  • It picks up so much fine dust.
  • The display shows how much dust you have cleaned in your home.
  • The display is also handy for showing the amount of time left for you to clean.
  • LCD screen showing real-time particle count
  • The brushes are designed to get rid of hair, unlike the other vacuums which consume so much time to just remove the rolled-over hair situation.
  • Got to clean the car really well.
  • Our daughter loves to clean her own mess now. Although we are afraid of the drop test, we believe that it is made of quality material to stand the drop.

What we don’t like in the Dyson v12 detect slim

  • The boost mode lasts only for 5 mins.
  • Larger particles won’t get picked up.
  • The floor brush attachment would still leave a gap of a centimeter or more just like my robot vacuum. But still, with Dyson v12 slim detect’s, the crevice tool switch would fill the gap.
  • Cannot be used in wet spaces.
  • The battery does take around 4hours for a full charge. But there is an option for people to buy extra batteries to click and continue cleaning.
  • Very expensive.

I hope this summarises the reasons why we brought a Dyson v12 slim detect even though we have a Viomi S9 UV robot vacuum at home. If you have people with dust allergies at home it’s high time to buy a good vacuum and have a vacuum schedule for your upholstery.

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