Auto dirt-disposal Robot Vacuum cleaners comparison – Lydsto r1 vs ROIDMI EVE Plus vs Viomi S9 UV

Updated on August 2, 2021

Have no, to little time to do of sweeping and mopping at home? But have the guilt of not doing it? Hmm, then you must have researched of some alternatives, and hence made the right decision of buying vacuums to get your home free from dust! You are right and you are at the right place!

At the time of writing the article the Lydsto r1, ROIDMI EVE Plus and Viomi S9 -UV are the most affordable and functionality loaded robot vacuum cleaners available in India through Amazon. I picked the above 3 robots since they are the most advanced and have the auto dirt dumping feature that is not only interesting, but need for the hour. It saves a lot of your time and especially if you are allergic to dust, you don’t want to be dusting your vacuum bag!

Though they are from different companies, they belong to the MI family and are from different product lines. They seem to be more similar than different. But lets dig in to some deep details to see which one is the best to buy at this point in time.

Before differences, lets see the similarities, and also the loaded functions of Lydsto r1, ROIDMI EVE Plus and Viomi S9 UV

Robot Vacuum cleaners comparison

Similarities – Lydsto r1 vs ROIDMI EVE Plus vs Viomi S9 UV 

Viomi S9 UV

Robot Vacuum cleaners comparison - Viomi S9 UV

Rodimi EVE Plus


Lydsto R1

Lydsto r1

Grouping the similarities

  1. From the Xiaomi Family
  2. Controlled through Mi Home app, over Wi-fi
  3. Suction power of 2700 Pascal
  4. Does Vacuuming and mopping
  5. Can do vacuuming and mopping together or separately
  6. Can navigate to dock to recharge
  7. Has LDS high-precision radar laser sensor for accurate mapping navigation
  8. LiDAR helps in detection of obstacles and steps and timely adjustment of direction
  9. Has dirt-switch, so you can operate the vacuum without the dust bag on the dock
  10. Has 3L dustbin bag at the dock that can go upto 30-45 days of dust collection
  11. Can go to the dock for auto dirt disposal, if the dust bin tank of robot is full
  12. Has 250ml water tank
  13. Has 5200mAh battery
  14. Can climb upto 2cm during cleaning
  15. Has anti-fall detection
  16. Has noise levels less than 70dB
  17. Can see live mapping and cleaned areas on the app.
  18. Has cleaning history available
  19. Can schedule and automate cleaning programs
  20. Has intelligent zoning No-Go zones, virtual walls, area-wise cleaning schedules,
  21. You can merge, divide, and name the map partitions.
  22. Ability to add multiple maps
  23. Has disposable microbial mops
  24. Has reusable mop cloth provided
  25. Has power display on the dock
  26. Shows the status of dust bag and notifies when the dust bag is full
  27. Spare mopping cloths and dust bags provided
  28. Update firmware over the air
  29. Looks sleek and trendy
  30. Available in White and black

Differences – Lydsto r1 vs ROIDMI EVE Plus vs Viomi S9 UV

FeatureViomi S9 UVROIDMI EVE PlusLydsto r1
Can stop mopping on carpets


Dustbin size300ml300ml200ml
LED Screen at the DockNoYesNo
Side Brushes121
Y mopping patternYesYesNo
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So, these some differences, and it proves that they not very different products.

When it comes to the dustbin size, 300/200 doesn’t matter, since you have a full 3L on the dock.

The UV and its use on vacuums is something that I have not researched enough about and can’t comment at the moment, may be we can cover it on the next post.

The stop mopping on carpets is an interesting feature may be, but not for me since I mostly remove the carpets or refresh them after a mop.

But the Y pattern mopping, is a really good addition, this pattern rather than the normal S pattern mimics human action, and provides better cleaning.

On side brushes 2 is good to have, but 1 is enough though.


If I were a person who has a mix of carpeted and non-carpeted places at home I would buy the Lydsto R1.

If I were a person looking to sterilize the floor, I would buy Viomi S9 UV.

If I were the person who likes a good mop, I would buy the Viomi S9 UV or the ROIDMI EVE Plus, since both have the Y pattern mopping,.

If I were a person who just wants cleaning done without any hustle, I would just buy any of the above three, based on the service in my location and cost at the time I decide to buy.

What person are you? Let me know!

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  1. These are all advanced tech for homes but there are comments saying that roidmi eve have issues with water tank sensor; lydsto goes weird when trying to detect floor and carpet when mopping.

  2. You gave ideas when I’m struggling to decide, thanks.

  3. I didn’t know the differencies between the S9 and EVE Plus and even didn’t know about the third one! Thank you very much for the article.

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