Dishwasher tips and tricks – Choosing the right products

Updated on July 12, 2021

A dishwasher is a solid machine that does not need much maintenance, there are few things that you can follow and make it a routine so that you never need to call a service person to come and check your machine. Figuring out the right dishwasher products; detergent, rinse aid and salt combination for your dishwasher is very important.

dishwasher and products

Dishwasher products


Don’t  – We all know that we cannot use regular detergents in a dishwasher. It can just create a foam overload and also spoil you machine and its parts.

Understand – Your dishwasher detergent is a prime responsible factor to produce clean results. It has to cut through all types foods from the different type of dishes that you put in the machine. It also has to work with the water hardness along with the salt.

Finding a good one that suits your washer and the water is very important, otherwise you may want to rewash items again in the washer or worse, by hand.

Its a trial and run basis on which one would suit. If your dishes are coming out cloudy or with food remains or cakes, you might want to consider changing the detergent.

Do – Also when buying detergents, buy in bulk. The cost per cycle comes down that way. Their shelf life is also good, and no harm in stocking them in.


Don’t – Dishwasher salt is not the same as the salt we use for cooking.

Understand – Dishwasher salt helps soften the water. It also prevents limescale from building up within the parts of your dishwasher. On the installation time you need to check the hardness level in water and set the correct salt setting.

Again this can be a trial and error method, if you see salty deposits on your dishes or on the inside of the machine you might need to reconfigure the salt level.

Do – Buy them in bulk and keep them in stock.

Rinse Aid

The rinse aid is a surfactant that gives you sparkly results. Dishwashers are designed to work with rinse aids, they help to get rid of water spots like spotting or filming. It also makes your dishes dry faster.

You can skip using a rinse aid, but you may see not so dry dishes at the end of the heat cycle and they may also develop spots on drying.

Dishwasher tablets

Tablets are convenient, you just need to pop them in instead of guessing the amount of detergent you need to put each time. They also generally perform better than powders. Most tablets may include rinse aid. But the cost per wash increases while using tablets.

Recommendation  – Fortune and Finnish work well for me. You can try which one suits you.


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