The secret of healthy living right on your phone – WebMD is a portable personal physician!

Updated on September 1, 2017

A: What happened to you?

B: Must be something, I am not sure what?

C: Must be indigestion!

A: You never know, can be gastrointestinal infection or diarrhoea for that matter.

B: I don’t eat out much these days.

C: What about the sumptuous oily food your home boasts of on a regular basis? Must be that….

A never ending conversation, but an ever present one all over! We all discuss health like no other living creature on this planet (for obvious reasons, of course). We predict, we suffer, we assume, we suggest, we almost do and go through every imaginable condition at the mention of the term ‘health’.

But, the truth is far from reality- none of us is absolutely sure about health and its paraphernalia. Medical condition, medication and the rest is best left to the paramedics. But, there are certain pointers which should be known by all of us. Do I have to go to a medical school for that? Of course not! You either need the curiosity and interest to know about medical science or WebMD.

WebMD? What is that?

Instead of rushing to the doctor in regular intervals, install WebMD- an app which acts as your personal physician. It will tell you the name of your ailment, the prescribed medication, list of side-effects, the nearest hospitals and chemists around, comprehensive first-aid manual right in your palm and everything related with health.

WebMD for Android and iPhone
All you ever wanted to know about health and its conditions

I don’t need to see a doctor anymore?

No app or virtual presence can’t heal you completely or detect with precision. This app is best suited for paramedics who would understand the implication of its contents clearly with a sound base of their medical education. The rest can rely on it, but embracing the plethora of information instead of the informed (doc) would be a foolish move to make.

WebMD for Android and iPhone
Ignorance isn’t bliss

What else can WebMD do?

It acts as your personal physician in every sense. If you forget the name of the medicines prescribed to you last year, sweat not, WebMD still remembers that. It would remember the precise dates you were sick, the cause of your ailment, the parts which ached, the medicines which snapped back (reaction, in short) at you and share articles with you accordingly which would let you lead a healthy lifestyle.

WebMD for Android and iPhone
Health is wealth

The extra stuff

And that’s not all, you can share your reports with family and friends without having to do the tiresome job of explaining them your condition and its causes and everything in between, you can even share ‘health is wealth’ kinda articles on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platform for the benefit of others; there’s much much more, Android and iPhone users discover them yourself!

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