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Updated on September 1, 2017

Here is the new app from the makers of Foursquare, the Swarm.

What is Swarm?

Swarm lets you share your location with your friends and have their location with you. This beautifully designed app can make your sharing simpler and easier by joining the essence of Foursquare with it.

To access swarm, you can signup with Foursquare, Facebook or Email. As I said, the app is about sharing location and hanging out. So the first step is to just check-in! You have two options of sharing the location, you can either let the app have your location access or you can manually specify the location.

location pinning app swarm
Swarm Inside!

Features & Functioning

Sharing location can be done by just swiping right through your profile picture, the banner behind will turn into orange indicating the location being shared with others. Swarm also offers the map pin icon on the right side of the app, which checks into Foursquare. The app also guesses where you want to check in according to your location. It offers a very interesting option “Change Location”, when you tap on this button, you can change the spot according to your choice. Privacy is also encouraged as there is an option with which you can prevent your friends from knowing the actual location, as the app only reveals the neighbourhood you’re in.

Getting Social

The social factor, lets you hangout with friends.Swarm offers five categories namely: Right here (Within 500 metres), A short walk (1 metre), Nearby (5 miles), In the area (20 miles) and Far Far Away (More than 20 miles). So find more friends and hangout now!

Start from here – Swarm App

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