Let Darma Outdo your Karma- A Smart cushion for healthy living!

Updated on September 1, 2017

In a days time, how long do you sit? I bet, for hours on end. The expression “get off your feet” means nothing in this day and age. The saying should be modified into “get off your seat”. In a lifetime, we spend more time sitting than doing anything else. It is an inevitable part of our lifestyle and this eventually leads to numerous health issues, as well.

The slouching, endless sitting, wrong posture, all these lead to diseases which have been aptly named as “lifestyle diseases”. So what do I do in such case? Sitting is an inseparable part of my job. Get Darma. The father of Zen? No, a smart cushion which would do what your peeps would have done to you in your growing up years, that is, issue a “sit straight” command.

Darma cushion
All you need is Darma

A cushion issuing commands? It talks? Yes, it would talk to you by way of leaving messages on your personal phone. What exactly would it tell me? It would tell you to sit straight in case of long hours of slouching. It would remind you to stand and walk around. It would give you stretching instructions.Would keep a tabs on your breathing rate and would also keep an eye on your stress level. All in all, it would train your body to be fitter and healthier.

Darma for a healthy lifestyle

So, I need to plug my phone to the cushion? Whatever for? Bluetooth would keep your phone and Darma in sync with each other. But then, it also has a slot for the USB cable to be plugged in.

How would it benefit me?

Do you sit for hours on end? Does your back feel funny at times? Do you breathe properly? Have you ever tried bettering your posture? Does your core feel loose because of your sitting habit? You need Darma. It would at regular intervals remind you to stand, stretch and even sit properly. It monitors your body and gives feedback accordingly.

How does it look? Heavy? It constitutes a premium quality foam and is as big as a usual office chair cushion. You can conveniently carry it with you wherever you go.

Is it medically tested? Yes, Darma is recommended by doctors and is built with medical precision.

Where would I get my Darma? Here! The earliest models would be shipped out in December this year. The next slot would hit the market somewhere in June next year.

We all need Darma. Let’s get it!

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