Gripping games of 2014 – The Top Android games

Updated on September 1, 2017

One can never get too old for games. Technology evolved and so did games. I still have best memories of playing Mario all day during my holidays. And the snake games in the first models of mobile phones are simply ever young. Smartphone never forgot them either. This year gave us a few games that flushed almost half our time. Boring classes, Waiting hours, Power cuts, long queue, Long journey and so much more would have been impossible without them. Each of them were unique and have their own fan clubs. At the same time some of these games impressed almost everyone. This New year we have the top companions among them listed here.

Monument Valley: Deserved the million critical acclaims. Tap and swipe and lead your princess across architecture levels. The optical illusion puzzler was beautifully built in a surreal manner. It definitely deserved the nominations.

Asphalt 8 – Airborne: Yea the racing tracks we will never forget. Unlocking grades, working their way through the career mode, this game was closest to realism. Also people competed online and had live multi-player sessions. The best part of the game was the virus which the player must prevent exploding by tagging other racers. The graphics and sound tracks were real good and attractive.

asphalt game android

Dumb ways to die – Honestly speaking there is nothing much to do but the game is a real addition. Be it shooing away piranhas, or pushing people off train tracks, or holding balloons so you prevent the character from falling inside the track the games were simple and dumb. The levels get tough but they did captivate its users who kept killing those dumb creatures in dumb situations. Yes lot of dumbness out there.

android games

Plant Vs Zombies: Remember all those times in your couch shooing away the Zombies from your back lawn. Yes Plant vs. Zombies. With upgrades and stronger Zombies, the game did have lot of lovers. Zombies got smarter and so did you all.

pvz2 android game

Angry bird’s space: Angry birds were definitely a huge addiction. So was angry birds space. These were simple physics games demanding a good lot of input from you. A few tactics were a necessity in the new space.

rovio angry birds

Plague: Indeed a tough strategy game. An evil god with the intention of uprooting the mankind is a cool role for a player, isn`t it. And then you go creating viruses and begin spreading them which wash away countries and continents. Your target is the world and if lucky you do reach your target. Sadistic? A little but surely interesting.

save world disease

Cut the rope – Time travel: This is one among the most popular sales franchises today. Small and simple physics tricks is all that you apply here. But who will not love to play with this cute frog waiting to gobble up his candy. Can’t keep him waiting, can you?

Quizup: Simply evergreen. It does seem like a nerdy game but give it a try and you will love it. Pick the area you feel strong in and its quiz time. Online or offline, with an opponent this game is a great time pass.

Most of these games are free downloads and I am sure many of us did have lot of fun time around playing them. In case you haven`t tried them, its time you download and have a look. Also the New Year is looking forward for more new and addictive games. So get set for downloads. Its play time.

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