The Twilight Dawns – An Auto brightness App to keep your eyes Fresh and Romantic

Updated on September 1, 2017

Android apps have never failed to sweep us off our feet. From shopping to fitness one for every aspect of your life has hit the market. They follow us like our companions making our phones more and more personalized and useful to us. While there are multiple apps for every purpose, the basis of variation lies in the fact about how understanding they are to their users. Their flexibility and easy usability gets them far closer to more and more users day after day.

Daylight or night light – Our pupils, god’s magnificent creation adapt to these changes in light around on their own. But then, do you remember all those times in the late evening you felt really uncomfortable with your usual screen brightness? You will change the brightness to make it seem a little more comfortable. Now how about having your phone do the work of auto brightness adjustment for you? That’s the dream isn’t it. Sometime we just don’t have time or patience to adjust the screen brightness and we wish it could be automated too.

Twilight auto screen brightness
Auto Brightness to Smart phones

Not just lack of comfort, but our smartphones do have an impact on our eyesight. Prolonged exposure to these gadgets lead to poor eyesight and shockingly alter your sleeping patterns causing disturbed sleep. And that’s why there is a Twilight app for android phones – which does those brightness adjustments automatically.

Twilight changes the brightness of your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop etc, based on the time of the day. The app drastically reduces the flashes of white and blue that disturbs our sight during the course of the day. It basically installs a tinge of red filter to your mobile screen as the day proceeds. Your mobile screen will shine bright during the day hours and as the day drags by, it reduces the blue color spectrum that is causing the brightness that hurts your eye.

Auto brightness
The Red filter technique

Recent studies established the fact that a person who tends to spend time reading on smartphone or tablet tend to face problems of delayed sleeping patterns. This is caused due to the effect of bright light that one is exposed to for long hours. It disturbs the natural rhythm and eventually causing disturbance in sleeping. When the screen brightness goes in mismatch with the surrounding brightness it causes irritation.

Twilight will be the solution to millions of people who use their tablets and smartphones during late evening and share to have trouble while sleeping. The red filter timing is based on the sunrise and sunset timing at the particular place you live which means the app is self adjusting and one will hardly find any difficulty with it. Also the colors are now much soothing and pleasant to the eye.

This app is quite similar to F.Lux used for desktops and is definitely worth a shot. The version is available over Google play store. Twilight could become your perfect partner in giving you a peaceful and less disturbed sleep. Its time to harmonize your sleep cycle with the sun cycle. Make your smartphones smarter.

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