Wake me up when my Wakie calls – A social alarm to rise the sleepyheads.

Updated on September 1, 2017

I am a strange sleeper. There are days in a year where I can go without any sleep and then there days wherein I sleep like a dead woman. While, the former has been of little trouble to me, the latter has put me in precarious situations in the past. Dead woman-like sleeping means missing out on appointments and other integral meetings and the like. And I am sure, while reading this your mind is going back in time when you overslept and missed out on something crucial.

But then, what are alarms for? For snoozing, of course! Most tend to overhear the jarring sound of their alarm in their sleep. And jarring noises are not the best way to wake one up. Instead, install Wakie.

An app for Android and Windows phone users (it is currently awaiting iOS’s response) , Wakie is a friendly community where random people call the deep sleepers to wake them up.

Wakie for Android and Microsoft

Are you out of your mind? Who uses such an app? The whole of Russia used to and now it has hit 80 other countries around the world. Initially, it was even being used by a small community of Russians residing in the states. Today, it is a hit.

Meaning, I get a random call? It isn’t quite random.Once you sign up for Wakie, you would have to volunteer for either of the two lists-Wakie (the one who calls) and Sleepyhead (the one who needs the call). Once you do so, Wakie would pair you with somebody of your own age pool and (mostly) of an opposite sex who would call you up at a time set by you.

Wake them up

What do you say to a stranger first thing in the morning? Good Morning! No need of pleasantries. The call lasts for precisely a minute which doesn’t really give you an opportunity to say much.

On a usual day, the Wakie would see the number of Sleepyheads who need to be woken up and then can voluntarily call these people. Most report the lack of a conversation.

What about privacy and security? Wakie  initailly expects you to sign up by way of feeding in your phone number, after which, your number is loyally guarded by the Wakie team. Meaning-it is a platform which supports faceless and numberless.

How would the Wakie know that he or she was successful in waking somebody up? As soon as the Sleepyhead rises, he or she would have to rate their Wakie as so-so or cool. In case, you go back to sleep without heeding your Wakie, your phone’s mundane alarm tone would follow next.

Rate them for waking

What if the Wakie is tied down with work and forgets to call? Then an automatic call would do the job of the Wakie.

It is free and fun for some. With it’s growing number of installers and the concept of the world shrinking, let’s give Wakie a shot.

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