Wave to refrain from awakening-Wave Alarm for all! [Android and iOS App]

Updated on September 1, 2017

Unless you are the I-am-committed types, hitting the snooze button first thing in the morning  comes naturally to us commoners. There is nothing like last few minutes of sleep before you get set and are ready to go. But, sleep lovers (aka, lazy bummers) find cracking open an eye, picking up the phone and locating the let-me-sleep-just-for-another-minute-or-so (THE SNOOZE BUTTON) somewhere on the largerthan-life phone screen too big task.

So as the trend goes, lazy would be promoted to lazier and the lazier would be an accomplished sleep craver as this new app in town would definitely push your laziness to an all new level. Just wave and snooze-Wave Alarm is already a hit amongst the lazyhood.

Stick your hand out of your burrowing covers and wave, snoozing is that easy now. While this is seemingly useless for some of us, there is a good chunk out there who in the past would have done anything to access snooze this easily. Well, Wave Alarm is the answer to your earnest prayers.

Wave Alarm
Snoozing is now easy

Apart from waving its way, one can glance at it at any given time to know the time. Needless to say, this particular feature can be availed only by those who own a phone with a front facing camera. It also delivers how hot or cold is the weather this moment. Then you can also wake up to your favourite artist crooning or your phone gently playing a tune attempting not to jar you awake. But then, these goodies can be found anywhere, waving an arm and snoozing…..well, for that you have to get yourself the Wave Alarm app.

Things to know about Wave Alarm

  • Motion sensor can make this one a tricky one to be handled. It may snooze by way of an accidental wave or an overhead fan….you get the drift? But it isn’t too big a hurdle, one just has to be a tad bit careful ‘about the placement of the phone.
  • If you don’t like apps running in the foreground, then this might not be the one for you.
  • If the user interface of any new app makes you loose some precious sleep, then give this one shot without worrying ‘about that part. It has a super neat user interface without unnecessary clutter on the screen.
  • Androiders and iOSers – this one is free and ad free for all.

Statutory Warning: Not meant for those who have a track record of sleeping past their waking up time on a working day.

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