Windows 10 – A Relapse Microsoft Release! Everything you need to know!

Updated on April 2, 2015

Microsoft shared with us their new release detail – Windows 10 . Yes, for sure the most awaited one after Windows 8 did not prove much great. The release is scheduled for this summer in 190 countries and in 111 languages and is sure going to sweep us off the floor. While the news was quite all over the internet for a while and then subsided by now, it is important that we get to know what Windows 10 promises.

It is more like a Microsoft’s promise to us with something much better than windows 8. Microsoft has been sharing few, but yet promisingly attractive and pleasing details about their new release and yes we all are excited. And here are the top 7 reasons why we might actually happen to become great fans of Windows 10. These features can get the least nerdy brains excited too.

Windows 10
What could sweep you off the floor

1. Our very old start Menu

Yes, that is probably what made things a little uncomfortable for us. While it hardly seemed like an important detail when we had them on our desktops, we sure did miss them when they disappeared. So now let’s cheer the Start menu that will walk its way back to its very own spot – at the left bottom corner but just with the new looks – The Windows tile style

2. Multi-desktops, Multitasking

Microsoft has stepped forward to take Multitasking to a whole new level. Windows 10 offers multiple desktop options for the user for handling your wide array of programs with ease now. And yes, now Microsoft is back in the gaming arena.

3. Editing across devices

Now this is for sure going to grab your attention. You could simply start off with a few sentences on your phone during a boring class hour and make it a full fledged story in your laptop later. Continuum stores and sync enables you to continue your work in a different device by shifting it.

4. A chunk of Modern UI apps

Modern UI apps have already taken their place in Windows 10, but now with a better feature. You will no more have to run them in full screen. After launching, one can see the usual windows control buttons so you can now handle them like any other apps.

5. Daring distinguish

Now windows can support the broadest device range from PC to tablets to phones. Also removing your convertible keyboard will give you a prompt window asking you if you will like to enter into tablet mode.

6. Never miss your notifications

While windows 7 and 8 carried this feature holding OS notifications though they disappeared much before you viewed them. Now Windows 10 will have them available for you. View them anytime by clicking the icon in the notifications area.

7. Bestowed love on your battery

This is something all of us need. Remember the times when you wish, you had a minute before your laptop shuts down? Now you will. While the option is available already, the current update will enable the battery saver option to kick start when the battery falls low of a certain level.

windows 10
More gift loads with Windows 10

Also Windows 10 has promised better storage space management. And yes the fact that the update comes free of cost for the first year for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users is another reason why you might want to give it a try. And for the nerdy heads there is much more you have in there. This summer surely has more exciting Microsoft promises waiting for you. Slash the summer!

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